Download, print, and share the 5 Theses

Post the 5 Theses on church and cathedral doors, put them in the collection basket with your two cents, and post them online.


Download and print this 4.2”x5.5” postcard with the 5 Theses

Download and print the postcard with Prayer for a Reformed Church

Download and print the postcard with a call for Simple Living


Download and print this 8.5”x11” flyer, or send as an email attachment

Download and print the flyer design as an 18”x24” poster

Mail a postcard and/or attach your two cents to the postcard and place in offertory collection.

Print the 5 Theses, add your signature and home parish, send to your bishop.

Print a poster, tape it to your church door.

Click here for a list of diocese and bishop addresses.

Support small businesses by contacting a local print shop about printing, or print online affordably through websites like Vistaprint, or order online or in store at FedEx for a fast turn around.

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You can copy this text, or make your own:

Out of love for our Catholic Church and a desire to reform it, we Catholic women and men defend the following steps as necessary actions for the American bishops. We urge the bishops to resolve to take these actions or to dispute them in the form of an open letter to the faithful. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.