Act Now

As the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops meet this week in their fall assembly in Baltimore, we continue to spread the 5 Theses message.

  • Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ, especially the bishops and their staff.

  • Continue to communicate with church leadership and fellow parishioners, speaking with civility and love, with wisdom and understanding.

  • Keep putting 5 Theses postcards and letters in the mail, in the collection basket at mass, on parish bulletin boards and church doors. Distribute in person and online.

  • Post pictures on social media of yourself and the 5 Theses - in your hands, heading to the mailbox or on your church or cathedral door, tag #5theses and @5theses. These posts are encouraging to us as we seek renewal.

  • Strengthen our Church: Get involved in your home parish. Support a new ministry with time, talent, and prayer. Thank overworked and often under-appreciated staff and clergy.

Be the persistent Canaanite woman who did not give up when the apostles told Jesus to send her away. "You are a woman of great faith. What you ask will be done for you." Matthew 15:28.

What we’re hoping to see: A real, written response from the bishops that addresses each of the statements in the 5 THESES, as well as actions from individual priests and bishops to encourage the healing and renewal of our beloved Church.  

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Contact your bishop

USCCB provides a list of diocese and bishop addresses. Make your voice heard.


Keep communicating. Be present in our Church & your parish & insist on reform.

Encourage & uplift others.

What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops.
— Matthew 10:27